Buy a Domain Name for Your Blog at a Greater Discount In GoDaddy

This tutorial will give you an extra discount on your domain name purchases online in This is what I do every time I buy a new domain name or even renewing my domain names.

Choose A .Com Domain
The cheapest domain name is using an .info extension. However, I would not recommend this because the discounted value is only for it's first year. You will have to pay the succeeding years, if you still wish to renew it,  to its normal price.

You should choose a .com domain because it is what every knows about. If it's a website and we don't know the extension, we always assume that it's a .com domain.

Use Coupon Codes
Coupon codes are used to avail discounts. The deduction may be in percentage or in fixed amount. These are the codes I used to get deductions on my domain purchases.

More Than A Year
Though you will still get a discount using the coupon codes above for a year, it is best to register for more than a year. I usually register domains for 3 years because I expect a website to last for this long. Search engine ranking doesn't happen in a matter of days, it takes years for a website to be know and I believe it should be at least 3 years.

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