GoDaddy Cash Parking Service

 GoDaddy utilizes GoDaddy Cash Parking as one of the ways to make more cash from their existing clients. This is an incredible way for clients to pay more money to GoDAddy. It however cannot be termed as a money making opportunity.

For instance, if a customer has a high number of high profile domain names, they must be willing to put in a lot of effort to promote the domain name to make money using the Cash Parking. Another technique that could work out well is to display adult themed content that could also help you get the big bucks.
However, this only seems like it can really work for the minority GoDaddy clients as it is highly debatable on whether the vast majority can be able to pull through.

When I first got wind about the scheme, I was not too sure that it would really work. It was actually affordable for me to try it out as it only cost me $4 which made me discover that the whole thing was not really for me.

For some reason, I cannot go into all the details of why GoDaddy did not really impress me. This is because I have worked with them for a very long time and I have put up with numerous relentless pitches for some extra features that are quite costly each time a person renews a domain. This experience however made me feel scammed. Maybe it’s because of the domains I was forced to display adult ads and nothing else.
Either way I want to cancel the Cash Parking Account and move the domains to existing site rather than park with GoDaddy and display its logo and numerous ads.

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