GoDaddy 99 cent .COM Domains

Do you Want a Domain or an Online Store, Website and Blog?

If you want a domain name for 99 cents look below. These days it is about the website, a blog, and most importantly a store. Shopify is the most used online store providing everything you need. Website backup is done for you, credit card processing is provided, tie-ins to Amazon, eBay, and more. You simply choose a design and you are ready to go. They have a free 14 day trial here. And you can register a domain through them. So what do you really want, just a domain or an online presence?

These are the once in a lifetime deals, they honestly cannot make the domains much cheaper. You can get a domain name, a .COM, at GoDaddy for only 99 cents using the coupon code cjc149s1. Actually since there are fees involved which are paid to ICANN, sort of like a tax, the total cost will be $1.17. There are two ways to take advantage of the deal.

You can either click the link below or use the coupon below. If you click the link you will be taken to the home page of Go Daddy and you will see a yellow bar under their logo that lets you know that you are getting the 99 cent deal. I suggest you both click the link above and also add the coupon at the go daddy check out page to be sure. See the image directly beneath this text.

99 cent .COM Domains
Coupon Code: cjc149s1
Direct Link: Click Here to go to GoDaddy and have the coupon applied

Here is Where You Add the Coupon
You add the coupon above cjc149s1 at the bottom of the godaddy checkout page, see the image here to the right, you click that link and enter the code. The deal is good for one new .COM domain or you can transfer a domain from another registrar for just 99 cents.

How do I Know it Worked?
You will know before you actually pay. In the cart, once you apply the coupon, you will see this image to the right. It shows that you save $14 and only pay $1.17 total. To see exactly how to add the coupon code at check, view this

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