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Welcome to our round-up of coupons for 1and1! Now, 1and1 or 1&1 (they seem to use both names interchangeably)has a unique approach to promo codes in that they don’t offer codes that you can enter into the shopping cart just before you complete your purchase. Instead, the codes are embedded into special links that activate discounted pricing.
These links are provided to us by 1and1 directly. So certain links will give you a 99 cent domain name, while others will give 99 cent hosting.

1&1 – $0.99/mo. unlimited hosting plan + free domain

1&1 offers $.99/mo unlimited hosting with a free domain name included. So one year plan makes $11.88 which is less a one year domain registration, yet you get it for free! Valid for a limited time.

1&1 – Register a domain name for only $0.99

Active this new 1&1 domain promotion and register .com and .info domains for only $0.99 and .org domain names for only $2.99 for a limited time.

1&1 – 15$ off Unlimited or $25 off Performance WP Hosting

Use this coupon code when you order Wordpress hosting at 1&1 and receive 15$ off unlimited plan or 25$ off performance plan through March 31, 2015.

1and1 – .com and .net domain registration is only $0.99

If you are planning to register a new .com and .net domain name, 1and1 has something to offer to you! With their new promotion, you can register domain names with these extensions for only $0.99 for a limited time.


Undoubtedly one of the oldest still remaining web companies around, 1&1 was formed in 1988 — before many even knew the word “Internet”. The Germany-based company got their big break when they landed a marketing contract with T-Mobile. Years later, the company exists as one of the biggest and most-trusted names in web hosting and domain registration services.

1&1 is pretty much a two-trick pony. Their bread and butter is their web hosting and domain registration services. Combined, these make up for nearly all of 1&1’s sales. Web hosting is an essential service to those who wish to have their own website online. While some sites offer hosting and design services combined, 1&1 offers more high-grade hosting tools for greater long-term growth and flexibility for the webmaster.

On the domain registration side, they assist individuals and companies who wish to reserve their own .com, .net, .org or any of other popular extensions you can think of. 1&1 makes it easy and affordable to get your own domain name, thanks to the coupon codes and offers above, get a place to start uploading website files and then a way to manage other essential tools like email and marketing.

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