Godaddy Renewal Coupons Never Expire

The best Godaddy Renewal Promo Codes are: There are currently two methods for saving money on Godaddy renewals:

Method 1:


Join the 'Godaddy Discount Domain Club'.

Godaddy has removed all normal renewal discount codes, but you
can still get nice discounts from joining the discount domain club.
Benefits of joining the discount club include:
  • .COM renewal: $8.29/year – 44% Off
  • .NET renewal: $8.99/year – 47% Off
  • .ORG renewal: $9.99/year – 44% Off
  • .INFO renewal: $9.99/year – 41% Off
  • And 40% off almost all additional domain extensions.
When you sign up for the discount club, use code: cjcrmn35
To get 35% off your purchase of Discount Domain Club Membership (brings it down to $77.92/yr).
This makes the club financially worth it if you have 20+ domains (depending on what extensions your domains have).

Method 2 (slightly more involved):

Switch your currency to INR (Indian Rupees) to take advantage of the exchange rate.

You can pay in INR even if you don't live in India. Due to currency/nation differences,
the same product from Godaddy is cheaper if you pay in INR. You can purchase all the
normal domain/hosting/SSL/website builder/etc products just like you would if you purchase in your
normal currency, but you will pay slightly less if you purchase in INR.
This is the only method to get a discount on renewal of non-domain Godaddy products like
hosting/SSL/website builder. The domain discount club is a great option for those who own quite a
few domains, but it does not give discounts on other Godaddy product renewals like purchasing in INR does.
Here are the steps to switch to INR:
Step 1: Add products to your cart and make note of the total cost in your home currency.
Step 2: Locate the currency setting in the header:
 Step 3: Select INR from the dropdown list:

ep 4: Go to your shopping cart to view the price in INR of the Godaddy products you have added.
Step 5: CLICK HERE to check the conversion of the price listed in the shopping cart in INR
to your original currency to see how much discount you get by paying in INR.

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