GoDaddy Acquires ManageWP, a Serbia-Based Management Tool for WordPress Websites

GoDaddy, a provider of web hosting and domain name registration, has announced that it has acquired the Serbian firm, ManageWP, a platform that uses a single dashboard to allow the management of websites. The financial details of this acquisition are yet to be disclosed.

Incepted in 1997 in Arizona, GoDaddy has scaled a very good track record and growth rate. It has been looking at diversifications off late with offerings like a service of bookkeeping, which resulted when it acquired Outright in 2012. Later on, it acquired Ronin in a bid to get invoice integrated into its service. Earlier this year, just shortly before coming up with a standalone app named Flare, it also acquired FreedomVoice, a company that provides cloud-based communications. Flare is an app that helps upcoming entrepreneurs harness the feedback that they receive for their business ideas.

All of these acquisitions clearly indicate that GoDaddy is venturing beyond its industry of domain registration. According to a company release from ManageWP, “GoDaddy with its significant scale and resources will help us put the product in the hands of hundreds of thousands of WordPress professionals while at the same time adding significant value to the product itself. They are also very interested in helping accelerate internationalization of ManageWP.”

Manage WP was established in 2010 in Belgrade and it provides a wide array of services that include publishing, deployment, automated migration, backups, monitoring, and more. However, the USP they have on offer for GoDaddy is its capability of managing a number of WordPress websites. GoDaddy can now also offer publishing tools to bloggers apart from hosting and domain-name registrations. The fact that 8% of the websites that ManageWP manages are GoDaddy hosted adds further logic to this acquisition.

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