How to get free SSL Certificate for your website in minutes – Let’s Encrypt (HTTP to HTTPS)

How to get free SSL Certificate for your website in minutes – Let’s Encrypt (HTTP to HTTPS)
You might have thought that getting an SSL Certificate can cost you more money. In fact, many greedy Hosting Service providers try to sell you SSL Certificate for a higher price.But what if I tell you that you can get free SSL Certificate for your website in minutes. Yes, you read it right within minutes your website can be changed from HTTP to HTTPS.

Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL Certificates for websites to make the internet more secure. It is been sponsored by world’s major leading companies like facebook, google etc. Your site will work well in all browsers and mobiles so you don’t need to worry. In fact, we are using Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in this website. We used the following method to get free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.

Here is how you can get free SSL Certificate, follow the, below instructions:
In this method, you are going to get free SSL Certificate by using This site helps you to get free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate in less than 10 mins if you follow the below instructions correctly.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to code anything. All the process are automated in ZeroSSL. You just need to place the files in the right folder in file manager using either cpanel or FTP software.

If interested, please read this information about this tool before using it:

Generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request). Please do the following as per the following screenshot:

First of all visit FREE SSL Certificate Wizard.
1. Enter the primary domains which should be included in the SSL certificate (like, etc.) Do not include the “www” version as that will get included automatically in a later step.

2. Tick “Accept ZeroSSL TOS” (Terms of Service). You can read these TOS before accepting.

3. Tick “Accept Let’s Encrypt SA (pdf)” (Service Agreement). Again, you can read this SA before accepting.

4. Click “Next” to generate the CSR.
You will get a message box asking whether one wants to include the “www” prefixed version of the SSL domains in the SSL certificate. Select “Yes“, unless one requires otherwise.

Wait for the CSR to be generated. It may take few seconds to generate.

Save the CSR and then generate the private key.
1. Download the CSR and save it as a text file.
2. Click “Next” to start the private key generation.
Wait for the private key generation. It may take a few seconds to generate.

Save the private key and move onto the HTTP verification.
1. Save the private key.
2. Click “Next” to perform.
Perform HTTP verification.
1. Download the HTTP verification code for
2. Download the HTTP verification code for

3. In the cPanel File browser for your domain, create the following

folder hierarchy: public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge/ where.well-known” (do not forget to create the starting “.” in the folder name) and “acme- challenge” are folders.

4. Upload the files downloaded in steps 1 and 2 above to the “public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge/” folder. And Click next on the Free SSL Certificate Wizard.

Save the SSL certificate shown on the success page.
Now, in the cPanel “SSL Manager“, upload the “Domain key” and the “SSL certificate” which you have downloaded using the previous steps. Finally, install the SSL certificate from the “SSL Manager” in cPanel.

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the SSL certificate to activate.

Congrats! Your new Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is now live!.

Renewal Process:
This free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate is valid for three Months only. So after three months, your SSL certificate will expire. You will get an email notification, a day or two before the expiration date from Let’s Encrypt asking you to renew the SSL. Fortunately, the renewal process is also free. You can renew your SSL Certificate using your Private Key and CSR ( which you have got in the beginning of this tutorial ) so that you don’t need to request for a new SSL.

Finally, I urge you to Save all the downloaded files in a safe place. Where you can easily access later. I saved my files in HDD and in Google Drive.

I hope this article helped you to get Free SSL Certificate. If you are satisfied, then like our facebook and twitter page. If you have any doubt please leave a message on our facebook page.

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